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Jacob is a junior at Northwestern University in the Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications and he's double majoring in history with a focus on marginalized communities in America. He's currently in his second quarter a Managing Editor for The Daily Northwestern, NU's student-run daily paper, while interning with NBC News' digital politics team. Previously, Jacob has served as Summer Editor in Chief, Design Editor and City Editor for The Daily. He's also been a Multimedia Intern for nonprofit humanitarian publication Novel Hand. Jacob has experience in print and multimedia journalism, as well as editing. Take a look at some examples of his work below!

Casey DeSantis, wife of Florida governor, diagnosed with breast cancer

Florida first lady Casey DeSantis has been diagnosed with breast cancer, Gov. Ron DeSantis announced in a statement Monday. “As the mother of three young children, Casey is the centerpiece of our family and has made an impact on the lives of countless Floridians through her initiatives as first lady,” he wrote. “As she faces the most difficult test of her life, she will have not only have my unwavering support but the support of our entire family, as well as the prayers and well wishes from Flo

“Like psychological warfare”: The mental toll of CPD helicopters

When Sid Villavicencio lived in downtown Columbus, they didn’t feel safe. But for Villavicencio and their partner, who lived in the North Linden area up until this January, it wasn’t the community that made them worry for their safety. Instead, it was the constant police presence. Villavicencio said they first started noticing an increased police presence in their area in 2019, and it only got worse from there. By the time people across the nation began to implement social distancing measures to

In Focus: As state, federal governments grapple with NIL legislation, Northwestern community members reflect on potential impacts

If Weinberg junior Cole Sias wants to post on her social media accounts, she could make money with just a few taps. Sias is a micro-influencer, with over 4,500 followers on Instagram, which means she can leverage her platform with brand deals, receiving money or products for sponsored posts. But Sias has been a member of Northwestern women’s crew, a club team, and is currently taking a quarter off from the sport. She can accept these deals because she’s not a varsity athlete belonging to the N

‘A slap in the face’: Faculty criticize appointment of Mike Polisky to athletic director, call for transparency, accountability

When Northwestern named Mike Polisky its next athletic director on Monday, some faculty members moved to organize. Six professors co-signed a Wednesday open letter to Provost Kathleen Hagerty, calling on the University to increase transparency in the selection process. “The hiring of Polisky… signals a troubling continuity in Athletic Department leadership that, while successful in some areas, failed the University and its students in significant ways,” the letter stated. “We are alarmed by th

Evanston Together LLC prompts controversy about Evanston governing style ahead of April 6 election

The Lorraine H. Morton Civic Center. Ahead of the April 6 municipal elections, a local political group has organized in support of a manager-council form of government, despite the issue being a limited point of discussion throughout the campaign cycle. In the weeks leading up to the April 6 municipal elections, Evanston Together LLC, a recently formed political organization, has become the subject of a citywide controversy after sending a series of mailers endorsing five aldermanic candidates

Evanston Pride, Inc. to build community, education for city’s LGBTQ+ residents

Evanston Pride, Inc., a local non-profit in its beginning stages, is working to connect and support the city’s LGBTQ+ residents. Throughout February, Evanston Pride facilitated conversations with residents as it prepares to host community-building events and provide educational resources. When Sandie Elliott was a teenager in Evanston, she had to turn to students at Northwestern University to learn more about her queer identity. A lifelong Evanston resident, Elliott said in high school she sea

In Focus: As District 65 rolls out hybrid learning, community members remain conflicted about implications of return

The 2nd Ward resident faced the same choice as thousands of families across Evanston/Skokie School District 65: Would she send her children back to school when the district resumed in-person learning? On Feb. 18, nearly half the students attending schools across the district, which serves students in pre-K through eighth grade, returned to partial face-to-face instruction after months of uncertainty throughout the community as officials attempted to devise a safe plan to reopen schools. Distri

Daniel Biss to become Evanston’s next mayor

Evanston’s mayoral candidates, Sebastian Nalls, Lori Keenan and Daniel Biss, from left to right. On Tuesday night, Daniel Biss became Evanston’s next mayor. Former state Sen. Daniel Biss will be Evanston’s next mayor as of Tuesday night, with unofficial results showing he secured over 73 percent of votes, with all precincts reporting. Biss, an Evanston resident of over a decade, faced off in the city’s mayoral primary against local activist Lori Keenan and 2018 Evanston Township High School gr

“This is the first time I’m on a clipboard”: Longtime Evanston activist Lori Keenan looks to make the jump from resident to mayor, increase city-wide transparency and communication

If she’s elected to be Evanston’s next mayor, 7th Ward resident Lori Keenan said her Monday nights won’t look any different. With friends and supporters, Keenan jokes that she’ll attend the same number of City Council meetings no matter the results of this year’s municipal elections. The only difference? Instead of speaking during public comment, she hopes to bring her voice to the other side of the dais. The 22-year resident said her longtime involvement in the Evanston community sets her apa

As undocumented residents struggle without government aid, organizers call on City Council to help

After months without government help amid a pandemic, there might be a light at the end of the tunnel for Evanston’s undocumented residents. Undocumented residents are ineligible to receive federal aid in most situations including all pandemic aid, and the city has not yet designated any funds for them. As a result, some of Evanston’s most at-risk community members have survived nearly nine months without any form of assistance. However, some local organizers are pushing for the creation of an

In Focus: In an industry ravaged by COVID-19, Evanston hotels struggle to make ends meet

Last fall, David Reynolds was hesitant to sell his hotel. The Homestead, a boutique hotel, had been an Evanston mainstay in the hospitality industry since before the Great Depression. For nearly 40 years, Reynolds and his wife had owned the historic hotel, a mid-rise brick building located off Hinman Avenue, filled with uniquely decorated rooms and a collection of media created by former guests.

“That’s who we are as Evanston”: Mayoral candidate Sebastian Nalls hopes to build community, inclusivity if elected

Sebastian Nalls said the moment he knew he would run to be the Mayor of Evanston was last year, when the city was in the process of funding and rebuilding the Robert Crown Community Center. Nalls has lived in Evanston for most of his life and grew up in the city’s 9th Ward — right near the Community Center. He attended preschool and multiple summer programs at Robert Crown, and said many minority families use the facilities for their children as well. However, in the funding process, the city
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